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HELP WANTED: J2ME Programming

We are looking for a programmer who has experience with J2ME for
programming Java devices such as the motorola phones.  Programming will
be done with my existing motorola "i" series phones.  This person would be 
hired on a part time basis to train staff programmers on the basics. Our 
staff is already familiar with other programming languages.

1) Creating and compiling simple example programs 
2) Review of files used to create a .jar and .jad
3) Review of support files for IO, etc
4) Other requirements to create applications
5) Review of meaning of .jad lines
6) Auto start of application when powered on
7) Training on writing code for the following functions
   a) defining and setting variables
   b) displaying data on screen
   c) reading keypad 
   d) Making selections with keypad
   e) Using keypad to set values of variables
   f) Writing data to file
   g) Sending data to a remote server
   h) Other methods to post data to a server
   i) Receiving data from server
   j) String functions
   k) Floating point math functions
   l) Reading state on RX line on serial interface (static input)
   m) Reading serial data from external device through serial interface
   n) Writing serial data to external device through serial interface
8) Review and modification of existing codes.

Call Tony at 817-265-9024.
Located in Arlington TX.